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CURRENT | #006 | Aspects

ADB | # 006 brings together eight articles in three languages around the topic "aspects of art production outside museum spaces". The texts all treat the subject in very different ways. Noémie Etienne and Nadia Radwan focus on the development of contemporary Egyptian art, which, in the course of the Jasmine Revolution, increasingly uses urban space as a political canvas. Sonja Gasser reports on poetry that floods the urban areas of Florence. Simon Sheikh debates in his essay new ways of looking at the figure of the artist, who is asked to perform the task of establishing platforms for a public and counterpublic. In an interview, Dieter Pfister gives his opinion about art in public spheres. Sabine von Fischer describes the search for synthetic acoustical qualities in the city space. Andreas Blättler reflects on the boundaries between the private and the public sphere, which have become blurred as a consequence of the invention of the telephone and its progression to smartphones. Marcel Henry describes in his article how new ephemeral art forms arise under the influence of changing media and how these forms create a counter-trend to art with a largely physical presence in public space. The text collection is completed with an essay by Michael Birchall. He reports about open and artistic forms of life and the current phenomenon of using urban spaces for the production of food.

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ADB | #006 contains the following essays:

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Editorial - von Marcel Henry und Sonja Gasser
Page 4/5 |
Au carrefour de l’art et de l’activisme - de Noémie Etienne et Nadia Radwan
Page 6/7 |
Dichtkunst für die Strasse - von Sonja Gasser
Page 8/9 |
The artist as public intellectual - from Simon Sheikh
Page 10/11 |
Der Stellenwert von Kunst im Raum - Interview mit Dieter Pfister
Page 12/13 |
Flüchtig, sperrig, verhallt - von Sabine von Fischer
Page 14/15 |
Unter Einwirkung des Telefons - von Andreas Blättler
Page 16/17 |
Flüchtige Kunstformen schaffen Gegentrend - von Marcel Henry
Page 18/19 |
Urban agriculture and collectivism - from Michael Birchall
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ARCHIV | #005 | Reader

Download #005 | Reader (only in German available)

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Editorial - von Marcel Henry
Seite 2 |
Grusswort - von Hans Stöckli
Seite 3 |
Rückblick Spéculations - von Sonja Gasser und Marcel Henry
Seite 3
Chri Frautschi im Interview - von Marcel Henry
Seite 4 |
Selbstverantwortung der Künstlerschaft - von Konstantin Adamopoulos
Seite 4 |
Bühnen ausserhalb der Museen - von Nathalie Ritter
Seite 5 |
Broken-Windows Theorie - von Reto U. Schneider
Seite 6 |
Die Mobilität und der öffentliche Raum - von Peter Arlt
Seite 6 |
Megaposter - von Christoph Bignens
Seite 7 |
Strategien der Raumbesetzung - von Simon Lamunière
Seite 7 |
Die Basisarbeiter - von Dominik Imhof
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ARCHIV | #004 | Simone Zaugg (CH) and Muriel Baumgartner (CH) | Lokal.int and Platform 2/3 | Biel/Bienne

Between tracks and road, fact and speculation, gain and loss oscillate the artistic interventions in and around Biel/Bienne train station. At the end of June, the nearby off-space Lokal.int will stop operating from its current premises, prompting ADB | Amici Di Borgo to invite artistic investigations influenced by this circumstance. Simone Zaugg (*1968) ventures into the little wood behind the off-space with an installation that teases the viewer to speculate, while Zurich artist Muriel Baumgartner (*1976) uses Lokal.int's satellite space - a glass cubicle on platform 2/3 at Biel/Bienne train station - for an intervention with an impact on public space. Here art truly refuses the places intended for its presentation and allows passers-by on the road and the railway to become viewers.

Opening at Lokal.int
Thursday, May 27, 2010, 6 pm
Aarbergstrasse 84, Biel/Bienne

Closing at Lokal.int
with Performance by Domenico Billari (CH/I) and desserts by Schnouse.ch
Sunday, June 27, 2010, 3 pm
Aarbergstrasse 84, Biel/Bienne

Sites of art interventions (see Map)

- Small wood behind Lokal.int, Aarbergstrasse 84, Biel/Bienne
- Box on platform 2/3, Railway station, Biel/Bienne
- Busline No. 4, Sound installation between bus stop Bahnhof Biel and Badhausstrasse

Download Flyer (0.8 MB)

ADB #004 - Intervention site of Simone Zaugg auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

ADB #004 - Intervention sites auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The artists

Simone Zaugg (*1968) lives in Berlin and Bern. She often engages public space through her work, and is the recipient of several recognized art awards. Further information: www.simonezaugg.net

Muriel Baumgartner (*1976) lives in Zurich and works in the media of installation and painting. She gained her degree from Zurich University of the Arts in summer 2009, and was selected for Platform10, and annual exhibition of the best recent graduates at Swiss art schools. Further information: www.murielbaumgartner.ch

Domenico Billari (*1977) lives in Basel and moves mainly in the field of performance art. 2005-08 studied fine art at the HGK Basel. More Info: www.domenicobillari.com



ARCHIV | #003 | Denunciazione | by Ronny Hardliz (CH/CZ) and Jürg Schluep (CH)

Documentation Denunciazione (Bern-PROGR Sep 2009)

Download Annunciazione Rejection Municipiality of Muralto (324 KB)
Download Denunciazione Documentation Bern-PROGR (297 KB)



ARCHIV | #002 | Annunciazione | by Ronny Hardliz (CH/CZ) and Jürg Schluep (CH)

For three years, the old kiosk at the corner of Via San Gottardo and Via Sarah Morley (Chiosco Morley) in Muralto-Locarno (CH) was abandoned. In summer 2009, an artistic intervention called it into life again. The installation "Annunciazione" was realized by Ronny Hardliz (www.hardliz.ch) and Jürg Schluep, and consisted of five steps analogous to the biblical scene of the annunciation. The artists refer to the tradition of this imagery, and the various phases of the biblical story were recognizable in the execution of the work. This was done in a symbolic rather than strictly literal way. In the end, the work was about the kiosk as a specific place and time in the city, and the project performed a temporary and local intervention in the overall urban structure.


Friday, Aug 7, 2009, 7 pm

Chiosco Morley
Corner Via San Gottardo/Via Sarah Morley
CH-6600 Muralto-Locarno

Till Aug 30, 2009

Location on Google Maps

Documentation Annunciazione (Locarno-Muralto Aug 2009)

Download documentation (1.73 MB)
Annunciazione-film by Hardliz/Schluep (35.9 MB)
Download flyer (221 KB)
Download images of the F4 Poster (1.33 MB)
Arthistorical references(2.95 MB)


Corriere del Ticino, 14.08.2009 (1.66 MB)

Tessiner Zeitung, 21.08.2009 (100 KB)



ARCHIV | #001 | Camera d'amici | von Heinrich Gartentor (CH)

For ART BASEL 40 (June 2009) the Swiss artist Heinrich Gartentor made an art intervention in a private flat very close to the art fair. The "Camera d'amici" has been rented for the time of ART BASEL by an eBay auction.

Download Documentation (2.25 MB)


Basler Zeitung BAZ, 07.09.2009 (818 KB)


Download Flyer (145 KB)

Transfer #001

Do you want to tranfer the installation to your own flat for a peroiod of six month? Send an email to mail@amicidiborgo.com. For questions call +41 76 316 05 02.

The artist

The artist Heinrich Gartentor (*1965) is active in conceptual art, installation, performance and literature. In 2005-07 he was the first "Minister of Culture of Switzerland" (www.ministryofculture.ch). Gartentor takes on multiple roles as an artist and a performer, writer and columnist, curator and gallery owner. In 1999-2001 he studied at the Art Academy of Dusseldorf with Christian Megert. For more information see: www.gartentor.ch